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Biological Resource Center ICLC Cell bank
Core facility IRCCS Ospedale Policlinico San Martino, Genova
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ICLC Cell bank

The Cell Bank Interlab Cell Line Collection (ICLC) is one of the biobanks of the Biological Resource Center CRB-HSM, core facility of the IRCCS San Martino Policlinico Hospital. Founded in 1994, it quickly became a point of reference for researchers and companies.


Network activities:

  • common service quality management, project management, support to biobanks of the National Node for participation in the Directory of BBMRI-ERIC
  • Participation to the BBMRI-ERIC working groups on quality issues, coordination of Work Stream 8.6: Immortalized Cell Lines of the BBMRI-ERIC Work Plan
  • Participation to the International Committee for Cell Line Authentication (ICLAC)
  • Participation to the Technical Scientific Committee, Biomedicine, Rare Diseases and Diseases without Diagnosis established by the Regional health Agency