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Cell line nameMH1C1
Accession numberICLC ATL98014
Brief descriptionSpecies: rat; Tissue: liver; Tumor: hepatoma
DescriptionSpecies: rat; Tissue: liver; Tumor: hepatoma; Derived from: transplantable Morris hepatoma (n.7795, Buffalo strain)
DepositorProf. M. Ferro, DIMES, General Pathology, University of Genoa, Italy
Reference paperJ Cell Biol 1969;40:236-247 - DOI: 10.1083/jcb.40.1.236 - PMID: 4177659
Morphology and growthcontinuous culture, grown as monolayer, morphology epithelial; the cells grow in large clusters
Culture conditionsDMEM + 10% FBS + 2mM L-Glutamine; split confluent cultures 1:5-1:10 using trypsin/EDTA; seed at 1-2 x 10^4 cells/cm2; 37C, 5% CO2
Propertiesthe cells synthesize and secrete serum albumin, C9, tyrosine aminotransferase; monooxigenases expression; toxicity screening; xenobiotic metabolism; drug metabolism assays; hepatocyte studies
DistributionCell line available for distribution. For non-commercial investigative use only
Species validationValidated by isoenzymes: confirmed as rat with AST, MD
Freezing mediumCulture medium + 50% FBS + 10% DMSO
Further bibliographyCell Biochem Funct 1988;6:245-250 - DOI: 10.1002/cbf.290060405 - PMID: 3191583
Exp Cell Res 1991;196:330-336 - DOI: 10.1016/0014-4827(91)90268-y - PMID: 1716586
Commentscell harvest is about 10 x 10^6 cells/25 cm2 flask

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